Institut Bellvitge is a secondary education school in the city of l'Hospitalet, Barcelona, where locally residing boys and girls can have an access to an ample variety of studies ranging from compulsory secondary education (ESO for 12 to 16 year-olds) to post non-obligatory studies (Batxillerat for16 to18 year-olds). In the latter educational stage, we offer studies in four different baccalaureate branches:
  • Arts
  • Natural Sciences and Health
  • Technology
  • Humanism and Social Sciences.
Apart from the usual compulsory subjects taught in our school, the dedication of a highly qualified, well-trained teaching staff allow us to impart other complementary, highly-motivating subjects, such as mechanics, laboratory techniques, statistics, multimedia computing, music, photography, pottery, psychology, or French and German as a second foreign language. Created as a consequence of the social pressure exercised by a laborious, solidary district, Institut Bellvitge has always enjoyed a well-deserved reputation in the area for getting our students involved into new fields of learning. Such an innovating, going-forward attitude has gradually become a vital element of our educational action. As a result of this effort, we have been able to get our students acquainted with new computing technologies, which include the editing of the following CD-ROMs: Course 95-96 - The Greek Heritage of Catalonia: The ruins of Empuries.
Course 96-97 - Our Country's Natural Patrimony: The Ebro River Delta.
Course 97-98 - Twenty years of Institut Bellvitge. Implicating our students into Internet communication, has also been a strong desire which has brought about interesting and rewarding experiences, such as a fruitful exchange with students from Illinois (USA) during the past course year 97-98. No effort has been spared either in the task of improving our students´ standards in foreign languages. In recent years, study trips to England or France have been organised so that our students can have an opportunity to practise the two main foreign languages (English and French) taught in our school. With this aim, student-exchange trips and "school twinnings" have been carried out with French schools (Lycées d'Albi "Lapérouse", Versailles "Marie Curie" and Paris) and we are looking forward to carrying out further exchanges which might complement our foreign language program with a better knowledge of the German speaking world. Photography has also been another interesting and rewarding experience for us all. Here the task of introducing our students to this artistic activity has been awarded a prize in the 1st photography competition organised in our Autonomous Community by PMAV (Programa de Mitjans Audiovisuals de la Generalitat de Catalunya).  And yet, photography is simply "the van of progress" of the new Batxillerat Artistic (Baccalaureate in Arts) recently implemented by our school. We would be more than happy if we could share our experiences in subjects like artistic pottery, drawing from life, sketching or engraving with other European schools. In this way, we would like to invite you via Internet to have a look at a set of activities carried out by our students at school: We would finally like to make use of the occasion, not only to introduce ourselves to any secondary school which might share with us similar interests, but also to strongly encourage these schools to get in touch with us ( Do make sure that we will be able to find elements of mutual interest which may be fruitful to us all and which will surely contribute to bring European schools closer together.